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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Aug 6, 2019

Discover ancient and modern ways of dealing with mental health issues, stress, anxiety, depression and many other modern ailments.

Learn not only the latest science for elevating your mind, emotions and mood with positive psychology but how this wisdom was known thousand of years ago in Eastern medicine and Ayurveda. "What you see you become" and similar quotes were taught by the Ancient Ayurvedic Rishis (seers) and "Where attention goes, energy flows" by the Ancient Hawaiians.

Discover the simple, 2-minute a day practise that Harvard trained happiness Guru Shawn Achor and his 'Happiness Advantage' research shows can super charge not only your health but your work performance, productivity and business success. Plus learn some other great, practical strategies that the ancients have recommended for thousand of years for boosting all around wellbeing, happiness, relationships and joy in life.