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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Jul 22, 2019

Learn the latest biohacks in health, wellness and anti-aging courtesy of Dave Asprey from Bulletproof Coffee fame.

Mark interviews the remarkable Heidi Miller, a human performance coach at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills Los Angeles. It’s here that Dave has put together his top 15 or so machines and therapies for wellness, personal performance and staying young.
Heidi is an expert in the science and practical application of these therapies and discusses Mark’s top 6 therapies - the one’s he thinks are going to shape the wellness industry most over the next few years. Hear about ozone saunas, red light/infrared beds, cryotherapy, vibration therapy, P.E.M.S (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), compression bags (for lymphatic drainage etc) and some other really cool stuff.  

Mark also discusses the perspective of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine on these technologies. I.e. where for certain individuals with certain Ayurvedic body-types or conditions they should be cautious with some of these machines or vary how they use them.