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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Aug 13, 2019

The most enlightened and highly evolved people who ever lived never had access to meditation apps or contemplated their navels. 

The ancient (most powerful) techniques of meditation were primarily based on "Transcending".

This episode looks at all things meditation and mindfulness from both a modern, scientific and ancient wisdom perspective.

Explore the neuroscience of the three distinct types of meditation and how they compare in terms of effort, brainwave functioning and long term results. Learn about the ancient art of transcending principally taught today through the Transcendental Meditation Technique - brought to the West by the great Vedic scholar Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Discover how transcending (as distinct from mindfulness or concentration/contemplation etc) promotes a completely unique 4th state of human consciousness as well as higher states of consciousness. The higher states of consciousness are correlated with all new levels of intuition, insight and higher faculties as well as pronounced benefits for better sleep/insomnia, significantly reduced anxiety, depression, improved mental performance, focus and business performance as well greater inner happiness and peace of mind. 

Also covers how to develop a toolbox of mental practices (including mindfulness if you already do that) to optimise optimal mind-body performance and reduce mental health issues.

Welcome to Zen and the new world of transcendence and higher consciousness.


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