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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

May 28, 2019

“Man should no more breathe through his mouth as he would attempt to take food in through his nose”. Yogi Ramacharaka.  

In contrast to the disastrous western habit of shallow, mouth breathing, the Ancient Ayurvedic Rishis (sages) outlined in detail the remarkable benefits of breathing as nature intended – like the great yogi’s.   

Learn the how and why of proper breathing and how it can be used in exercise (even in high level exercise) to transform your enjoyment of exercise and create alpha zone or flow states. Also get the benefits of pranayama, mind-body integration, lymphatic flow, production of nitric oxide, efficient waste removal, heightened Prana or life force in both mind and body, optimized function of your internal organs, spine health and higher, more refined levels of awareness and spiritual integration.

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