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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health

Jun 16, 2021

Explore Men​'s Health & wellbeing, male bonding, male camaraderie, success​ & more from the perspective of ​Ayurveda, ayurvedic medicine and yoga with ​Fi​rst ​Li​ght Living coach, ​Geoff McKenzie from Vancouver, Canada.
​Discover ​why it's so important for men to connect with each...

Feb 8, 2021

Morning routines are all the rage in productivity and performance circles today. Ayurveda however has promoted a morning routine for thousands of years based on optimal health.
Learn the ideal morning practices to maximise health and longevity, incl; tongue scraping, nasya, sun gazing, gandusha (oil pulling), oil...

Feb 1, 2021

The Quantum world is where the most powerful forces for evolution and change exist.
 Our mindset determines whether we achieve our dreamsgoals, desires (or not). 
In this episode, Rick Thompson, Author of The Quantum Mindset outlines what's possible 
when we change our mindset from the Quantum reality. Learn 

Jan 13, 2021

In this final episode, Mark outlines 3 practical breathing exercises to start increasing your control pause or B.O.L.T Score (the measure of your breathing health). Learn how every 5 seconds you improve your score will result in a significantly improved your level of health. Learn the importance of breath holds and how...

Dec 23, 2020

In the 2nd episode of Mark's Breathing Series, he explores the lost art of correct breathing posture, chewing & 'mewing'!
Drawing on some of the great wisdom in James Nestor's Book, Breath, learn why 50+of people suffer airway obstruction (sleep apnea, snoring, anxiety, fatigue, asthma, allergies, reduced...